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“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1” – Warren Buffett


To invest is to allocate money with the expectation of some future benefit. In finance, the benefit from an investment is called a return. We invest in education to empower our friends and families.


A loan is something that is borrowed and expected to be paid back with interest. Deployed correctly, loans can be an instrument to grow wealth.

Business Advice

An opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action. With Hill Investment Partners we work with quality people, teams and resources to expand our knowledge together.

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Described as forward or onward movement toward a destination, we believe that by creating a community of like minded individuals we can collectively advance together.

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Money is not the root of all evil…

I love how Warren Buffet asserts – money reveals your inner character. Money does not make you happy, it is not good or bad; instead, it exposes who you really are.  Working with a client named Victoria I saw how both possibility and fear could be magnified through increased wealth. As one of my model

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How much is not knowing costing you?

Fear, it is said that before the river enters the sea it trembles with fear. In front of her she sees a vast ocean, but the river cannot go back. The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean because only then can the fear dissolve. It’s not about disappearing the fear into

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Dividend payouts?

I learned from my incredibly intelligent Aunt Adrienne at an early age that when you put other people first it leads to personal fulfillment. And if you’re really good at doing that it’ll pay dividends.  Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on that! When we focus on education and empowerment in business and life,

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How do you build a community of wealthy, happy entrepreneurs to support one another and ourselves? Hold each other accountable to create our days versus responding and reacting to them? For me, I’ve utilized courses, programs and networking opportunities to find such individuals and a tribe that share the same vision – to create more

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The Art of Portfolio Returns

It all became clear to me after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Why do some people have freedom of choice in their lives and others do not? After all, we all deserve it, yet the reality is a very small percentage of the world actually experiences it. Being wealthy does not always

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