I learned from my incredibly intelligent Aunt Adrienne at an early age that when you put other people first it leads to personal fulfillment. And if you’re really good at doing that it’ll pay dividends. 

Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on that! When we focus on education and empowerment in business and life, we create a ripple effect that yields the dividend of abundance. Not only in the monetary sense but contribution, community, happiness, fulfillment etc. Today I am a stand for the power of creation. Creating passive income strategies that support people in their life to welcome effortless prosperity, health, abundance, intentional travel, spirituality, epic collaborations, global impact and the relentless belief that we can create a whole new self, life and world. Some may be thinking whoa this sounds like one big hippie prophecy, when in fact it’s been years of attaining this knowledge and learning how one leads and leans on the other. Because when we elevate our character, we elevate our wealth. So, can this not pay the dividend of a fulfilled and happy life?

When we invest in our self and then apply that to our finances only then can we expand our capacity for more. Each choice that we make that is in alignment with our future primes our brain to install new neurological pathways to think, feel and act like the future self we are out to create. Meaning by embodying the person we wish to become new thoughts are generated altering our usual actions and results.   

I first took on learning stocks from my Aunt Adrienne at 14. She taught me about the staple stocks to invest in. What do people need when a market corrects, how do you create a strong, diversified portfolio, find longer-term plays while balancing short term, high growth stocks that can be redeployed and reinvested. It really came down to learning the fundamental pieces that correlate to macroeconomics. In learning this I was able to grow my portfolio while putting myself through school. By the time I graduated I knew the difference between sub-optimum and optimum investing; instead of solely living off of my dividends or gains, I reinvested them to grow my portfolio. This allowed me to then buy my first investment property at 24. Buy selling a part of my portfolio to invest in another income-producing asset class, real estate. While doing this I was taking courses on communication, personal development, real estate investing to finances. The more I learned the more I applied and the more opportunities revealed them self to me. I share this because by surrounding myself with people who push me to do better, think out of the box to generate the life that I desire, massive goals, opportunities and achievements showed up. The dividend that I’ve generated is not only financial but a community of financially empowered individuals, and now that’s a powerful dividend!  

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