How do you build a community of wealthy, happy entrepreneurs to support one another and ourselves? Hold each other accountable to create our days versus responding and reacting to them? For me, I’ve utilized courses, programs and networking opportunities to find such individuals and a tribe that share the same vision – to create more wealth and freedom for ourselves and others. By sharing what we’ve learned we connect people together while elevating as a group. 

A success story that I like to share with my clients is Yohan’s story. A dear friend and business partner who leveraged a high growth private investment to turn profit from his home, $250,000 into $500,000. The remarkable thing here is that Yohan learned that his home was a liability and costing him more than what he was able to generate from it. Instead of putting money into his pocket, it was taking money out, the simple definition of a liability. When he sold his home, Yohan was able to deploy his gains into an investment that generated high returns which then allowed him to purchase one of the largest tutoring franchises in Canada to support children’s education, start a charity and write a book sharing his discovery of investing. I tell Yohan’s story because he changed his financial mindset and plan after taking a hard look at what his house cost him. Then utilized his network to obtain access to a high growth investment opportunity, that not everyone has access to. By leveraging a particular investment community Yohan was able to course correct his financial future and create businesses and experiences that light him up. Amazing opportunities, collaborations and effortless prosperity exists. So how can we help you? 

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