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I love how Warren Buffet asserts – money reveals your inner character. Money does not make you happy, it is not good or bad; instead, it exposes who you really are. 

Working with a client named Victoria I saw how both possibility and fear could be magnified through increased wealth. As one of my model clients, she had $30,000 in savings, and needed to come up with another $20,000 to meet a minimum investment amount. After sharing her enthusiasm for wanting to live a bigger life, she not only came up with another $20,000 but $60,000 under a week after a conversation we had. Impressed, I asked her how she did it. Victoria’s answer was through leveraging a line of credit and requesting family support she was able to source that amount quickly. While excited, I could detect uncertainty beneath the new found possibility of wealth she had created. Fear, being a new investor inside of this particular product and fear of the unknown. When I asked her if fear was a constant in her life Victoria responded yes. You see Victoria had fear present in her daily life but by generating additional funds the fear expanded. Who Victoria needed to be as a person needed to expand, and Victoria needed to learn to trust herself more than anything. After a few conversations she saw that and has been transforming her mindset, beliefs and the projects she takes on. So, while having more money can mean greater opportunities, it can also be an amplifier for suppressed beliefs too. Money isn’t evil. In fact, it’s energy, and when deployed in a positive, educated manner it’s dividend and teachings can yield powerful insights and opportunities. 

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